Dakewe station in the Texas Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Founded in 1943, UT Southwestern Medical Center is the US largest medical center and a key member of the University of Texas. It is a research university that has been committed to medical education and biomedical science research. The university is made up of the university's medical faculty, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and the School of Health-related Sciences. There are more Nobel Prize winners here than NIH, Harvard Medical School and Stanford University Medical school.

Dakewe is a Chinese company dedicated to providing pathological solutions to customers around the world. Its pathology products are based on customer needs and aim at development of intelligent medical equipment, they're now favored by customers in more than 20 countries around the world. Its fully automatic intelligent Slide Stainer, which is independently developed and produced by Dakewe, is being used by a research institute at the Southwestern Medical Center in Texas, USA, which is a laboratory focused on the design and development of new nanomaterial for cancer diagnostics and targeted therapeutic applications.

In order to provide users with a deeper understanding of Dakewe and its automatic intelligent Slide Stainer performance, Dakewe arranged its product manager to make product presentation to the lab technicians and discussed with them about how to effectively integrate the unique performance of the Slide Stainer into their work.

The lab hope that Dakewe Slide Stainer can solve the dewaxing process of the immunohistochemical sections that are currently being processed manually, and at the same they hope it can perform paraffin section, H&E staining and freeze staining as well. By Setting up and debugging the program, Dakewe slide stainer not only improves the working efficiency for the customer but also keeps the staining result constant, and the result is also highly praised by the clinicians. They thought that the Slide Stainer operation interface is quite simple and easy to learn, and can completely master in a short time, and they also speak highly of the AAT technology that intelligently adjusts the staining time.

When the lab learned that Dakewe have a series of pathological equipment such as Coverslipper, Slide stainer and Coverslipper system, Tissue processor, Microtome, Cryostat, they hope that we can apply these intelligent products to their laboratory as soon as possible, and hope that Dakewe can assist them in the research of cancer so as to bring gospel for more cancer patients.

Develop biotechnology and Serve for human health.

Dakewe will continue to provide more accurate pathological diagnosis results for cancer research institutions and hospitals, as well as provide better products and services for more users around the world. Innovative product performance, superior product quality, excellent customer service are most useful to drive Dakewe to make breakthroughs in pathological equipment and move forward globally. From China's grassroots hospitals to the top medical centers in the United States, Every user' trust will strengthen Dakewe group's confidence, motivation, and responsibility.

Fighting together!

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