Why we need a stainer?


Improve work efficiency dramatically, especially for the big workload hospital or laboratory.


Care for technician’s health in the lab, keep them from staying besides the machine and harmful reagents.

Staining Quality

Ensure the Consistency of staining quality. It won’t be affected for long time operation&workload, or different operators, and work as schedule in the set programs.

Our Patents

We got different kinds of patents for our intelligent development

Remote Monitoring in Real Time

If you are not in the pathology lab, we provide a unique solution to solve this problem—We develop our own APP, via which you can monitor the stainer running status in real time, catering the intelligent management requirements.

  • Device: PC or laptop/tablet pc/ smart phone etc
  • Network: WIFI, or 3G/4G etc
  • Function: Achieve intelligent management in device

We made big effort in enhancing
Special design hydrophobic rack, vibration, leaching, avoid reagents cross-contamination
Imports of raw materials, metallic texture
anti-drop, durable, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistance
Professional hydrophobic treatment, avoid towing cross-contamination

DP260 series Slide Stainer Demo Video

Staining Solution

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