Fully Automated Intelligent Slide Stainer

— DP260 Series

We provide our customers with a high quality and reliable products in the pathology laboratory.

DP260 series slide strainers offer a continuous load, multi-program, automated slide staining intelligently. With a high slides throughput, DP260 increases flexibility to your laboratory, improves the workflow and cares for life.

Quality Control
Reminder of reagent replacement at anytime, according to used days or Racks
It will be marked with different colors—Green, Orange or Red according to reagents validity in the main interface
Green-Valid-Reagent is valid
Yellow-Expire soon-need reagent replacement soon
Red-Invalid-need to replace the reagent right now
Can track the record by reagents, station, change time, and changer.
Historical records can be checked and reports can be exported directly
Statistics of reagents consumption
AAT (Automatic Adjusting Technology)
As the staining progress goes on, the reagents are consumed gradually, while the valid concentration of the reagents are going down, which will effect the staining quality directly.
To solve this problem, we develop the technology (called Automatic Adjusting Technology), which can prolong the staining time according to dyed rack or time record.
What sense it makes?
Performance. AAT can make the staining effect almost the same as the first batch by adjusting the staining time. AAT keeps the reagents constant and stable to ensure staining effects.
Cost-Saving. AAT makes Hematoxylin&Eosin more efficient, so cost is saving.

Remote Monitoring

If you are not in the pathology lab, we provide a unique solution to solve this problem—We develop our own APP, via which you can monitor the stainer running status in real time, catering the intelligent management requirements.

E.g.:You are in city A while the device in City B,you can monitor the running status via internet in real time.

Better Staining Result

To ensure quality performance,we made big effort in improving reagents towing, rack design and drawer design

Efficiency at Work

DP260 series improve work efficiency by running single or multiple staining programs, in a more safe way compared to manual methods, which can process more than 360 slides per hour.

Healthy working Environment

Full closure shield design-avoid any harmful gas escape from the cover;Smart Exhaust fume-The fan will run automatically when the concentration comes to set value.Activated carbon filter helps to reduce the harmful gas.

Other Friendly design and Thoughtful Development
Easy to operate: 10.4 inch Touch Screen
Safe to Use: Open Shield protection, Pause Button in case of examination or any emergency
Exact to run: The robotic arm can move accurately and realize 1second differentiation exactly.
Careful for staining performance: hydrophobic rack, vibration, leaching, and buffer design, avoid reagents cross-contamination
Cost Saving to work: Oven function and Full closure exhaust fume optional
Thoughtful for Trouble shooting: Real human voice alarm with automatic guide for common trouble-shooting
Staining Fluids
In addition to standardized operating procedures, a standardized stain solution, is also the key to quality control.
To match the stain quality need, we produce our H&E staining solution and Pap staining solution.
Raw materials are original import, improved formula, stable and lasting dyeing performance;
Stain slides quantity at least 1000 pcs/set;
Unique semi-oxidized hematoxylin: There is new hematoxylin generation during the progress, the dyeing effect is stable and comparable to drop dye;
Eosin: bright colors, and clear edge, wonderful contrasting effect between cell Nucleus and Cytoplasm;
It will come to a perfect quality control management if we use the recommended staining procedures.

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