China pathological section, although conventional dyeing are HE and PAP, but the specific program is the myriads of changes the same hospital, even between different technicians are different, which led directly to the production quality is not uniform. So why the same HE or PAP staining, there will be so many operating procedures?

Besides temperature and humidity difference between different regions, the main reason is the different dye. The procurement of raw materials to reflect the various hospitals in different dye formulations of different, even the same raw materials, the same formula but different concentration. This is a good explanation of why the same technician with different batches of dyeing, there will be a large difference between the phenomenon. If the dye cannot whole pathological industry unified standard, so do not have a unified standard program, it will not be able to do the production quality control standardization and standardization.

Therefore, the quality control key, in addition to standardized operating procedures, more dye standardization, so as to minimize the error caused by human factors in the process of production.

Dakewe company excellent brand quality dye, using imported raw materials and optimization of improved formula, standardization of production, in line with YZB/ Guangdong deep 0048-2014 product standards, dyeing effect lasting; each reagent staining conservative 1000; the use of collocation and dyeing machine recommended procedures, to achieve the perfect laboratory quality management.

Half Hematein
The use of the process, there have been new generation of hematoxylin, the first and last one piece dyeing effect is consistent, comparable with drop;
Meanwhile, the oxide film and the precipitation are less, and the utilization rate of the dye is greatly improved, and the ineffective waste is reduced.
Alcohol soluble red
Bright colored and quickly;
After special treatment, no impurities;
Highly efficient staining of muscle fibers, tissue of the connective tissue, and eosinophils.

Dyeing effect

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