Care for Reliability

We have the measures to eliminate all these risks and lead to a guarantee reliable performance.


Before processing, the device will test the key running parameters automatically to pre-alert potential risks.

Backup System

Backup Power UPS
Back pneumatic system
Backup temperature control

Components Level Quality control

To ensure a smooth processing, our development team works out different solutions for any potential risks, the power failure, dual pump design etc.

Safety and Quality

Specimens quality is key to diagnostic, and its safety is priority in processing stage.

More Smarter

Management in a smarter way. Dakewe processor can monitor the running status in a real time, control in time and on line maintenance.Automatic and smart detection for proactive protection, make the management more efficient.

  • Automatic infusion: Reagent/paraffin in low level, automatic replenishment, to prevent damage to the specimens.
  • Smart replacement: For reagent/paraffin deletion, replace the reagents automatically according to optimized clinical protocols, maintenance a good dehydration effect.
  • Concentration monitor: Reagent/paraffin concentration real-time monitoring, intelligent sorting, optimizing the processing effect.
  • Remote control system: Remote Monitor, Remote alarm, Remote control, Maintenance pre-alarm, Ultrasonic liquid level sensor.

Quality in Reagent Management
Concentration Monitoring, Reagent management system, automatic monitoring reagents...
Reagent Automatic Rotation, Reagent / paraffin automatic rotation, comfortable at operation.
Reagent reminder, Reagent bottle placed sensor status real-time monitoring

Tissue Processor video

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