DAKEWE Tissue Processor

Innovation, Quality, Reliable. Combination of optimal materials and up-to-date technology

Dakewe tissue processor, thanks to the perfect combination of optimal materials and up-to-date technology, delivers high quality specimens, improves the workflow of your laboratory and helps the patient in a more efficient way.

Reliability in performance, Safety in specimens, Smart in management, Easy with Ease, DAKEWE tissue processor, a perfect experience for the pathologists in the laboratory.

Care for Reliability

To ensure a smooth processing, our development team works out different solutions for any potential risks, the power failure, dual pump design etc. So we have the measures to eliminate all these risks and lead to a guarantee reliable performance.

Self-Check, Before processing, the device will test the key running parameters automatically to pre-alert potential risks
Backup System
Backup Power UPS, UPS backup power will be switched automatically if any failure, to maintain the processing status. So the specimens are covered with reagents and in safety.
Back pneumatic system, Dual-pump system ensures a normal processing operation, independently or simultaneously.
Backup temperature control, Dual sensors temperature control system makes sure the thermostat effect is working properly by automatic switch of the control algorithm.
Components Level Quality control
Safety and Quality

Specimens quality is key to diagnostic, and its safety is priority in processing stage.We have to guarantee at the processing performance, which will help to output a professional diagnostic result, which is responsible to the patients.

Comprehensive specimen protection, Such as a power failure or operating errors.
Specimens Safety, Smart selection and run safe reagent infiltration, to protect specimens in safety.
Functional quality controlCloud service software system monitors operation parameters (including key parts and consumable running time, etc.), and automatically record the functional quality control status in form.
Performance quality control, Monitored by cloud services software system, the performance parameters (including seals, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.), will be automatically recorded, and forms performance quality control table.
More Smarter

Management in a smarter way. Dakewe processor can monitor the running status in a real time, control in time and on line maintenance.Automatic and smart detection for proactive protection, make the management more efficient.

Automatic infusion
Reagent/paraffin in low level, automatic replenishment, to prevent damage to the specimens.
Smart replacement
For reagent/paraffin deletion, replace the reagents automatically according to optimized clinical protocols, maintenance a good dehydration effect.
Concentration monitor
Reagent/paraffin concentration real-time monitoring, intelligent sorting, optimizing the processing effect.

Remote control system

Remote Monitor
Remote monitor the tissue processor running status in real time, through internet connection by computer, laptops, smart phone etc.
Remote alarm
Remote alarm to contingency, to keep the specimens in safety
Remote control
Remote control device, realizing proactive maintenance to ensure performance.
Maintenance pre-alarm
Detection and comparison of parameters, pre-alert the risk and remind of proactive maintenance. Detect the abnormal before risk occurs.
Ultrasonic liquid level sensor
3-layer level monitoring, stable impregnation to prevent reagent overflow.
4 types of modes cleaning procedures

We worked out different solutions to meet different cleaning situations: Quick washing, Standard Washing, Warm water Washing, Fat washing

Quick Washing
Without Paraffin
Standard Washing
Warm Water Washing
The crystallization of formalin
Fat Washing
Fat or Tissue Residual
Quality in Reagent Management
Concentration Monitoring
Reagent management system, automatic monitoring reagents(alcohol, xylene and formalin) concentration to control the reagent’s quality, and assures a quality performance.
Reagent Automatic Rotation
Reagent / paraffin automatic rotation, comfortable at operation.
Reagent reminder
Reagent bottle placed sensor status real-time monitoring, automatic reminders, to prevent misuse.
Easy with ease

Dakewe Tissue Processor brings you a different working experience in laboratories. Large screen to touch, special materials coating retort to clean, back light design for liquid level to observe. All these are just for you--easy and ease.

Auto Electronic lock
Touch to open,automatic triggers to lock,easy and safe.anti-loose and unexpected open design.
Adjustable Angle on screen
Adjustable 12.1 inch display angle to adapt to different groups of perspective habits,With solvent-resistant characteristic.
Level Observation
Special blue light transmission light design, better and clear vision at reagent bottles, easy to observe the liquid level, position detection for reagent bottle to ensure no gaps.
Processing retort infiltration volume 4.0L maximum, and capacity 300 cassettes.
Tissue Basket
Stainless steel tissue basket, with Teflon coating at the surface, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.
Marble countertops, smooth surface, easy to clean.
Easy clean
(1) Heating design of retort top, reduces condensation and prevent sticking paraffin;
(2) Teflon coating the inner of the retort top, with lubricating feature, a low cross-contamination, easy to clean

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