DAKEWE Tissue Processor

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General Information

Dimension 613(W)*614(D)*1345(H) mm
Weight about 165KG
Rated power AC230V 50/60HZ
Operating temperature 15~40°C
Working Relative Humidity 30~85%
Working altitude 2500m maximum
Storage temperature -10~65°C
Storage of relative humidity 30~95%

Processing Retort

Capacity 300 cassettes Maximum
Basket Capacity 2
1st liquid level Capacity 2.5L
2nd liquid level Capacity 4.0L
3rd liquid level Capacity 4.5L
temperature range Ambient temperature to 65°C
Fill time around 110s
Drain Time around 110s
Impregnation vacuum 0 to -60 kPa, adjustable
Impregnation pressure 0 to 60 kPa, adjustable
Retort Cover heating temp. range Ambient temperature to 70°C

Paraffin container and Paraffin Baths

Number of paraffin baths(s) 3
Paraffin Volume(s) 4.2L
Number of paraffin baths(L) 1
Paraffin Volume(L) 5.6L
Paraffin melting time 10 hours
Temp. Range Ambient to 65°C

Reagents Bottles

Number of reagent bottles 10
Clean bottles 2
Condensate bottles 1
Paraffin recycle bottles 1
1st liquid level Volume 3L
1st liquid level Volume 4.5L
1st liquid level Volume 5L

Technical specifications subject to change

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