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Fully Automated Intelligent Slide Stainer

DP360 Series

Dakewe continues to offer its customers high quality and accuracy they can count on. As a fully automated intelligent slide stainer, the DP360 is one of our most advanced inventions. Staining results are accurate and reliable. The DP360 series automated slide stainer has been widely used for regular H&E and Pap staining in pathological laboratories, hospitals, universities, research institutions, third party inspection organizations and industrial facilities. With full dedication to our cause, Dakewe is aimed to provide top quality stainers to pathologists around the globe.

  • Our core

    Intelligent Management System

    A smart color identification system is provided to track reagent status. Reagents are marked with different colors indicating different use status. Through this color managing system, operators can easily track the staining process in real time, track the history of staining records and replace the reagents in time.

  • DP360 Reagent

    Scanning System

    Quality control data is auto recorded and stored for review. Reagents consumption statistics are available for cost evaluation.

    DP360 reagent scanning system helps to identify and manage the reagents quality. Reagent quality history record can be tracked as well.

  • Intelligent human voice alarm is designed with automatic guide for real time trouble-shooting.

  • Authorization for different users to view or to operate.

  • It offers a friendly user interface and a powerful user management system.

High-quality Staining Effect

is Our Constant Persistence and Unremitting Pursuit

Automatic Adjusting Technology (AAT) adjusts the staining time according to the number of stained racks or days without human intervention. AAT makes the staining effect consistent and helps to save the reagent costs making the reagents usage more efficient.

  • The Reagent Heat

    Preserving System keeps High Staining Quality even in Low Temperature.

    Robotic arm can be set into stand-by mode to ensure accurate and complete differentiation process.

  • High-throughput

    and High-stability Design

    Quality control data is auto recorded and stored for review. Reagents consumption statistics are available for cost evaluation.

    The mechanical arm can handle multiple racks at one time. The specially designed hydrophobic rack also provides high quality, effective and consistent staining effect.

  • Fully Enclosed,
    non-Polluting Design

    The DP360 has a fully enclosed design, its waste gas discharging and exhaust system with thickening activated carbon filters fully demonstrates that operator safety is always kept as our top priority.

  • Site and Functional

    Settings are Flexible and Diverse

    Thanks to flexibility in quantity adjustment of loading and unloading stations, same stations can serve as reagent stations.

    Buffering design of drawer ensures accurate positioning of stations and helps to avoid splashing. From down to top The DP360 demonstrates a unique water flashing design and washing stations that can be easily adjusted to serve as reagent stations.

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