Q:How many baskets can be stained simultaneously?

Depending on the protocols, DP260 series can stain up to 12 baskets at the same time.

Q:What are the meaning of the colors showed in some specified stations?

The reagent quality control function is enabled. There are green color, yellow color and red color, which show different reagents status.

Q:Why the basket is not picked-up when it is loaded?

First of all, the DP260 series can run different protocols at the same time, and the software is designed for a maximum efficiency.

Depending on the protocols, the intervals of picking baskets are different. With Dakewe proposed protocol, it takes from 5 minutes or above for picking up next one.

Or maybe forget to strat the protocol.

Q:Can we set some step as priority in the staining progress?

To handle the step in priority or control the exact stain time, we can set exact in the required step in the program setting.

Q:The loading station can not detect slide stands.

Please place the slide stands at the correct position and check the system.

Q:Is there an alarm system when any error detected?

DP260, DP261 andDP260S are provided with fault handing systems.

If an error is detected, the detailed error message and corresponding instructions of user's operation are displayed on the touch screen. 

Q:Can we use the slide stainer for frozen section?

The stainer has good compatibility, can be used for H&E staining and Papanicolaou staining, and Frozen section staining.

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