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SurePrint Slide Printer

S200 Series

Featuring non-contact laser etching technology, Dakewe SurePrint S200 intelligent slide printer is characterized by rapid and consumable-free printing. Innovative upward slide delivery system allows for smooth and safe transport of slides. S200 complies with the vast majority types of microscope slides on the market. Crisp, 2500 dpi high-resolution print resists scratch and corrosion, enhancing slide traceability, enabling standardization, regularization and precision of pathology information management.

  • Trace accurately
    with crisp printing

    High speed: as fast as 5 seconds per slide, greatly improve efficiency.
    Crisp print: non-contact ultraviolet cold laser marking grants 2500 dpi high resolution.
    High throughout: dual loading hoppers store up to 200 slides

  • Fit seamlessly
    in your workflow

    Interface or stand-alone: send printing command via built-in software, PC software, integrated PIS/LIS, or optional scanner.

  • Flexible printing modes

    Dual output - upper slot for on-demand printing, or lower hopper for batch printing

  • Intelligent slide selection

    S200 reads entry information and automatically print on chosen kind of slides loaded in dual hoppers. Ingenious front loading feature saves lateral space, benefits routine loading and retrieving of slides

  • Designed to be user-friendly

    Maintenance hood for cleaning and fixing, no need to dismantle the whole instrument, prolonging instrument lifespan. Triple air purification system thoroughly filters particles large or small when reaching the threshold.

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